Adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in every respect.

Come visit this Sunday @ 9:30 am on Roxford St.

Weekly Bible Study Assignment

Study, outline, and meditate on a new chapter of the Bible each week with a small group.

UCLA Evangelism

Every first Sunday of the month, our congregation gathers to spread the good news at UCLA.

Personal Evanglism

Every second Sunday of the month, our aim is to connect with someone who does not go to church and build a meaningful relationship.

Discipleship Sunday

Every third Sunday of the month, the members within the church plans and meet to disciple one another.

Sport Sunday

On the final Sunday of each month, our church schedules a delightful event suitable for all ages to come together and enjoy activities together..

Friday Night Bible Study

Location Details

15089 Roxford St, Sylmar, CA 91342